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We’ve become Sanlam Indie

New name. New look. Same big ambitions. Why we've rebranded and what it means for you.

A small rebrand with a big impact

Indie was born out of a desire to disrupt the financial services category. For too long, the best financial products were available only to the wealthy. At Indie, we set about designing world-class products and experiences that allow anyone the opportunity to create and protect wealth.

Sanlam (who’ve backed us since day one), saw the value in Indie’s approach, and offered us the chance to impact the industry in an even bigger way. Because of their scale and reach, we now have the chance to provide better products and experiences to as many South Africans as possible.

And so, we’ve become Sanlam Indie.

What exactly will be different?

Our name

We were tempted to pay homage to Prince and call ourselves “The insurer formerly known as Indie”, but it just didn’t roll off the tongue. So you can call us Sanlam Indie. For existing clients, there’s not too much new other than the new address you can contact us on: For new clients, it means that the trust and security that has always sat behind Indie, is now upfront – so there’s no doubt who you’re dealing with.

We've simplified our product names too, so it's easier to know exactly what cover you have.

Our design

Out with the old, and in with the blue. While the experience will remain smart and simple, to closer align with the Sanlam brand, we’ve made a few slick visual changes. To us, life insurance has always been about celebrating life. And we’d like to think the new look brings that extra bit of life and colour to the trusted 100-year-old Sanlam brand.

More value for clients

With Sanlam’s support firmly behind us, we’ll be able to accelerate our vision, bringing even more exciting innovations to the market, and delivering even greater value to our clients (have we mentioned our already-awesome Wealth Bonus?).

More ways to buy

Apart from on our own website, you’ll also find Sanlam Indie products on the Sanlam website. And in addition to being able to buy online in under 10 minutes, there are numerous ways to get help if you want to be called back or assisted through the process.

Our existing policyholders and new clients will continue to enjoy the same awesome experience we’ve always delivered.

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