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Introducing the Customer Dashboard

Find everything you need to know about your Sanlam Indie Policy and Wealth Bonus in one place.

We’ve always promised to offer you an experience that would make life insurance simpler, smarter and more rewarding. So without any further delay, we’d like to introduce to you the first version of the Customer Dashboard - your very own portal that enables you to view everything related to your Sanlam Indie policy.

See your growing investment

That’s right, you can now view your total Wealth Bonus (and watch it grow) at any time. You can have a look at the overview, or dive deeper and  view all the nitty-gritty details of your investment. In future versions, we’ll add information to this page that will keep empowering you to create wealth for your future.

View all your details in one place

Need to reference your policy but can’t remember where you saved your policy document? Not to worry, your dashboard contains all the important information related to your policy and personal details. You’ll see what life insurance products you’ve currently got, your monthly premium and when your next payment is due, to name a few. You can also view the personal details you provided us when you took out your policy, including your contact and payment details.

Chat to us

We love hearing from you, so we’ve made it super easy for you to get in contact with us using the live chat from anywhere in your dashboard. Whether it’s a policy amendment you want to make, or if you want to nominate a beneficiary or let us know about a new email address, chat to us from your dashboard and we’ll get it done.

Watch this space

This is just the beginning; we’ve got a long list of features we’ll be adding in future versions. But for now, we invite you to head on over to the dashboard login page and get activated!

You will find the “Dashboard Login” button at the bottom of the Sanlam Indie home page under “Company” for all future logins.

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