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Create Wealth and Give Hope with Sanlam Indie and The Sunflower Fund

We want you to be a little selfish for the greater good.

These days, more people are picked on by serious illnesses than ever before, but with the right support, more people can fight back.

The Sunflower Fund is one of these organisations. They’re dedicated to fighting blood diseases like Leukaemia by recruiting stem cell donors and helping anyone in need of a life-saving stem cell transplant. Supporting them means you become part of a growing team of lifesavers.

And the best part? All you need to do to help, is click.

Purchase any Sanlam Indie product, and we’ll donate 3 premiums to The Sunflower Fund. - Click to Tweet

Those premiums will contribute towards the costs of education and awareness about the need for, and the process of becoming a stem cell donor. They’ll help cover the costs of the recruitment of donors, and also go toward patient support funds for those who are unable to afford the costs associated with stem cell transplants.

The best part? We do all this on your behalf, so you don’t pay anything extra.

The even better part? Because you’re supporting The Sunflower Fund, Sanlam Indie will also give you 10% extra in your monthly Wealth Bonus. That means we’ll match up to 110% of your premium into a growing reward each month, at no extra cost.

Are you ready to create wealth, and give hope?

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